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trick mcmillan --> the djinni of the lamp [Thu 8 Aug / 8:31pm]
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Sunday March 25th; 1pm EST (NYC) [Sun 25 Mar / 9:17am]
I'd forgotten how much fun going out with my sister-in-law could be. Even if she did totally STEAL MY PHONE. We had some drinks. We danced our feet off. It was fucking awesome. The hangover I woke up with today is less awesome, but it's worth it.

Private; Readable by Ash.
I may have kind of asked Becca to live with me.

Also, can I have my phone back now?

In other news, it's really hard making yourself go to class after spending a week at the beach. I really needed this weekend. I'm not looking forward to going back to class again tomorrow. Becca seems to think going to classes is IMPORTANT or something. IDK. She's kind of a nerd, but she's seriously hot, so I don't mind.

Private to Becca.
I was thinking we could look through some apartment listings.. Assuming you haven't changed your mind.

Private to friends in Atlanta.
Becca and I are heading down there for Easter weekend. I hope y'all don't have too many plans. I mean, what could possibly be more important than ME?
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Friday March 16th; 6pm EST [Fri 16 Mar / 6:36pm]
I do NOT want to go back to New York. Panama has been pretty much AMAZING. Of course, it helps that I'm here with this really hot blonde, but still. Has it really been almost a week already? We still have tomorrow, but Sunday we have to leave.

Not. A. Fan.

Private to Becca.
You going home for Easter, baby?

Private to Meghan.
Hey, you.

Private to Ryan Jones.
You break Pharmacy Boy's face, yet?
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